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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Growing a neighborhood one block at a time

The Genesis Housing Corp. is slowly improving an area of Washington Street once known for drugs and violence. The nonprofit group has upgraded 60 properties and sold them to first-time homebuyers. It has future plans for how to improve the Washington Street corridor drastically that many hope will bear fruit. Among those plans, a community garden.

For more on Genesis' efforts, click here.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Making Progress

This cartoon was drawn to complement the Mercury's 2010 Progress report but due to a technical glitch didn't appear in the paper as planned. But you get to enjoy it here!
You can find more stories on progress in tricounty area towns by clicking here.


Fooling around on teen driving bill

This cartoon was drawn as a complement to The Mercury's teen driving series that examined the problems that lead to the high numbers of accidents and deaths involving teens in cars.
More on the series can be found at


Saving a sinking ship

This cartoon was drawn to symbolize the challenges Pottstown's new borough council faces in trying to pull the sinking ship from the waters.