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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This cartoon shows the numerous concerns the school board is listening to that are pulling it in different directions and causing it to 'waffle.'

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Can't please everyone

The Pottstown school board is finding itself without a plan that pleases everyone.
For more on this topic, see "Schools debate gets personal"

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Stick to it!

While this cartoon could refer to many problems in Pottstown borough, it didn't quite make the cut for the editorial page opinion on Pottstown's indecisive school board, which recently voted to vacate a previous decision on switching to a four schools plan and changing Edgewood Elementary to an early learning center.
For more on this topic, see "Five schools vote follows public outcry"
and "School board behaves like children"


Monday, February 23, 2009

As the wind blows

Taxpayers are finding themselves frustrated at the constant indecision of Pottstown School Board members on how to improve the district's schools. Most recently the board voted down a previous decision it made to convert Edgewood Elementary to an early learning center.

For more: Pottstown back to backing five grade schools


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out in the cold

That's where taxpayers are finding themselves these days as the Legislature contains to insulate itself from a bad economy using taxpayer money, as portrayed in this cartoon.


No Chesley Sullenberger in sight

Taxpayers are finding their "ship" is sinking, in this case portrayed by a crashing airplane, while the state Legislature is floating along in their bubble with no real spending cuts in sight. At least they weren't when I created this.


Dirty jobs 2

This was another sketch for a possible cartoon, but was beat out by the entry below, which made it onto the Mercury's editorial page.

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A meal for the masses

With unemployment rising, costs going up and companies cutting back, taxpayers are looking for help from the state, which has cut few if any of its ever expanding costs.

How a cartoon forms

This is the image I started out with before coming up with the final political toon above. I noted an item I had to add that ended up being rolled into education costs.